Through innovative design, Rayence is the only manufacturer that offers a true flat panel detector, retrofit orthoposer base and advanced imaging software solution to the podiatry market. Our technology is what sets us apart from other manufacturers. By providing hospital grade components, we offer the highest quality of diagnostic images at a low cost of ownership for today’s podiatrist. Our Xmaru PODview image acquisition software is designed specifically for podiatry and has the ability to acquire images in just 3 seconds.

podiatry panel


The VRPOB-200 + Xmaru1210SGA is the only true flat panel x-ray detector solution for the podiatry market. The VRPOB-200 + Xmaru1210SGA provides podiatrists a smart & cost effective way to upgrade their current x-ray systems to provide them with the many benefits of a DR workflow. In combination with industry leading technical specifications and our exclusive post processing algorithms, Rayence has established the benchmark for the quality solution today’s podiatrist have come to require.

  •  View images in <5 seconds
  • No film processor or cassettes
  • Maximum throughput: > 300 images processed per hour
  • Sensor weight: 6.6lbsOrthoposerv2
  • P-DR Bidirectional base with patient support system
  • Low 3.5″ base for improved patient experience