AmRad™ Medical x-ray systems are developed, assembled and integrated in America. The majority of our systems are manufactured in our Chicago, Illinois facility. Each AmRad™ Medical system can be configured to create the right system for your specific needs.Backed by the industry’s best warranty, an AmRad™ Medical system will provide you with performance and low cost of ownership which means the best value for your facility.

Amrad Medical Advantage FMT, High Frequency Radiographic Generators
The Advantage FMT is a high-quality alternative to the DFMT. The robust FMT offers the versatility and functionality of the DFMT with an analog SID readout for more conservative imaging budgets.

AmRad™ Medical Advantage DFMT
The Advantage DFMT is a world-class system designed for demanding hospital radiology departments, orthopedic and urgent care clinics or imaging centers.The crystal-clear digital SID readout allows for fast and accurate patient positioning.

Amrad Classic, Radiographic Generators
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Amrad Classic, Radiographic Systems
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Del High Frequency X-Ray Generator
High frequency technology, combined with advanced microprocessor control design equals a generator that is reliable and flexible to the preferences of the technologist.
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V425 Visionary 400 mA Generator
A cost effective generator that delivers accuracy, safety, reliability, quality and ease of use, The 400mA. power enables use of shorter time to stop motion and also enables penetration of heavier patients.
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VetVision HF-AP
Veterinary Specific. High Frequency, Anatomically Programmed Radiographic Suite.
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