Our film developer and fixer are designed to deliver the highest image quality with all brands and types of medical imaging films. We pre-mix our chemicals at our facility on an as-needed basis so the chemicals you get are always fresh.


We offer all sizes of x-ray film in Green, Half Speed Blue and Full Speed Blue. We keep an extensive inventory of Fuji, Kodak and White box film in stock for immediate shipping. We can also special order for your specific needs.

Film Processors

mini med

AFP Minimed

When the AFP ‘Mini-Medical’ film processor was first introduced, it quickly became one of the all time best sellers to hospitals, clinic offices and private practices alike. Compact, reliable and easy to use, the ‘Mini-Medical’ has everything you’ll ever want and need in one stand-alone package.

Konica Minolta SRX-101AKonica Minolta SRX-101A

The Konica Minolta SRX-101A processor produces high quality radiographs with easy operation and is the ideal choice for imaging sites, diagnostic centers and private practice offices.

The SRX-101A processor is perfect for reliable low volume applications, especially where space is at a premium.